Success Stories

Reduced Costs

Identified a low performing ham product and worked with the team to source a new supplier, providing better quality at a lower cost.

Appearance and Uniformity

Improved cold-cut appearance and uniformity leading to a better customer experience, a 20% reduction in complaints from onsite operations and increased sales.

Enhancing Flavor

Provolone cheese lacked “provolone” flavor. We worked with the supplier to increase their internal sensory protocols and dramatically improved product flavor within 90 days.

Signature Flavor Profiles

Identified a lack of “heat,” and worked with the manufacturer to alter the spice blend transforming pepperoni into a signature item

Inaccurate Quantities

Discovered a fill shortage on mayonnaise pouches (from a major global manufacturer) resulting in a $100,000 savings in six months.

Operational Efficiency

Equipment testing revealed in-store operational issues causing quality issues. Resolved with a minor adjustment on all in-store ovens instantly solving this problem.

Technology Implementation

Put into action quality control software on a global scale. Trained internal and external cross-functional teams on five continents to use the program in their daily practice. Through this effort, achieved capabilities for remote ordering, a critical need in the business.