Sensory Team

Simple And Actionable

Seaton Food Consultants (SFC) offers Trained Sensory Team services to evaluate current products against proposed changes or competitors’ products.

You will receive a quantitative analysis that will provide actionable information, quickly.

Utilize Our Experience

We have provided sensory impact guidance for:

• Formulation changes (sodium reduction, binders, clean label alterations, phosphate removal, soy replacers)

• Crop season impacts (produce)

• Shifts in raw material availability (beef and pork)

Your Goals First

• We start with your goals for analysis.

• Then we will provide a proposal for the sensory analysis to ensure that the outcome will suit your needs.

• Team can assemble within 24 hours of sample arrival, based on number of aliquots, reports are usually available within a week of testing.

Sensory Analysis Provides Critical Information

• Descriptive Analysis – What are the key attributes and underlying features of your product?

• Competitive Analysis – Who are your top competitors? What makes your products different from theirs?

• Consistency – Does your product remain the same over time, from plant to plant, from season to season?

• Formulation Change Impacts – does a cleaner label mean less flavor? Off flavors?

• Shelf Life Studies – How does your product change over time? Could you extend shelf life without impacting quality?

Specific Sensory Training

We can come to you (virtually or in-person) and work with your team, in your environment, to help you establish an in-house sensory team of your own – specializing in your particular products and attributes.

We can check their work periodically, and have refresher training sessions to ensure proper knowledge transfer and execution.

Deliver Your Brand Promise With Confidence

Success comes from a transparent and consistent sensory and product evaluation process, solution-focused reporting, and organizational accountability.