Recipe Verification

Reliable Recipes Deliver Repeat Sales

Working with a skilled third party to verify your recipes can deliver increased customer satisfaction and confidence in your products.

From the home cook to the commercial kitchen good instructions are everything.

Recipe Testing

Seaton Food Consultants (SFC) offers Recipe Testing services to evaluate current instructions and existing food quality results, provide recommendations to both improve the outcome and deliver ease of execution for your customers.

Multiple functions deliver a complete recipe evaluation and result review with recommendations It starts with establishing clear goals:

• Identify the ideal number of steps

• Ensure instructional clarity for the audience (home cook, commercial kitchen, etc)

• Required ingredients

• Final product attributes

First, We Learn

Ensuring your recipes are valid and deliver your desired final product is essential.

We begin our process with you, to understand your goals and challenges and distill them into action.

Together we formulate a recipe testing plan and actionable outcomes with an established timeline.

Then, We Test

SFC will execute multiple iterations of the recipe in our laboratory, utilizing good lab practices to deliver accurate results.

We will use the most commonly-used equipment to enhance and potentially simplify your instructions for tangible business impact.

We will partner with your team to approve the action plan as we work toward accomplishing your goals.

Identified check-points in the process will allow for consistent assessment of results as the program progresses ensuring we stay goal-focused, together.

Finally, We Report

In-depth organoleptic reporting adds insight and opportunity for recipe enhancement.

We will support your team with tangible, precise reporting on outcomes based on any number of variables that you designate.

Through this process you can be confident that your recipes will deliver consistent results.

Deliver Your Brand Promise With Confidence

Success comes from a transparent and consistent recipe evaluation process with solution-focused, actionable reporting.