Product Quality

The potential impact of food and product quality issues on a business can be felt throughout the organization. Seaton Food Consultants (SFC) works with you to customize a program that will focus your entire team (not just R&D!) on improving product quality for tangible business impact.

SFC offers Product Evaluation services to evaluate current products and existing food quality protocols, provide recommendations, tools and resources to both improve the product evaluation process and to drive a sense of urgency around product quality throughout your organization. 


  • Samples, including competitors, are gathered from the marketplace and then carefully logged, maintaining chain of control.
  • SFC food quality experts identify, document and photograph all aspects of the product from the specification, as well as any specific requests from the R&D team, and devise an appropriate testing method. Testing methods may include:
    • Sensory, Organoleptic (flavor, aroma, texture, appearance)
    • Physical, Operational (function)
    • Chemical, Nutritional, and special issues (PCR, DNA, Species)
  • Comparative benchmarking is the hallmark of this system and makes it superior to those of other third-party testing providers. Allows you to view the performance of your products against each other. 
  • Any “non-conformance” or “out of spec” attribute is highlighted for consideration and immediate action with recommendations.


Each customer has a unique set of challenges and opportunities. We provide customized, clear and actionable reporting based on the needs of the business. SFC documents all products side-by-side, allowing for comparison and historical tracking.  Limited reports can also be created for manufacturers and suppliers. 


Seaton Food Consultants can plan and host stakeholder meetings. These meetings are highly recommended to review products, assess specifications and discuss key findings from product evaluation testing. They provide a face-to-face forum to share best practices and foster an open dialogue to remove any barriers to the quality improvement process.

We welcome you to our facilities, and we can come to you. Meetings can be done virtually, as needed.


Seaton Food Consultants is dedicated to protecting brands. We measure our success by improved customer satisfaction, reduced complaints, improved operational efficiencies, reduced costs and ultimately by helping our clients deliver an exceptional brand experience to every customer, every time.  


The process is fully documented and repeatable. We can train your quality team to expertly execute our system, from Product Evaluation and Organoleptic Testing to hosting effective Stakeholder Meetings. Seaton Food Consultants can conduct thorough scheduled results reviews, training sessions and consultations throughout the year and as new team members come onboard.