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2021 Top Flavor Trends 

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NANCY JO SEATON has held many diverse roles in the food industry that allow her to pioneer an innovative and customized approach to product evaluation. Combining organoleptic assessment with Good Lab Practices, she has successfully executed this evaluation system for many years. Nancy and her expert team at Seaton Food Consultants offer practical advice to ensure a consistently delicious product every time.

Flavor & The Menu

Trend Insights: Bakes 

Culinary insights into the take-and-bake trend

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This is a great way for foodservice operators to expand takeout business by prepping “take and bake” meals up to a day ahead freeing up cooking space during crunch time. A big consideration here is packaging; operators should be sure to test the packaging to make sure it travels well cold and can deliver the desired outcome when at-home cooking instructions are followed.

Pizza Today

How to Evaluate Kitchen Equipment Purchases

Updating Your Kitchen Workhorses

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 “A good example is Bakers’ Pride ovens,” says Nancy Jo Seaton, president and owner of Seaton Food Consultants. “They last a very long time and the manufacturer does not go through dramatic model renovation, so parts are readily available, even for the very old models.”

Food Safety and Quality Magazine

Chris Wells, global food safety consultant with Seaton Food Consultants, says that vegetarian alternatives to sausages and burgers have been available in the EU for many years and, to aid vegetarian and non-vegetarian consumers in understanding what the products are, the terms “sausage” and “burger” have been used throughout that time.

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The Food Institute

“Retailers and foodservice providers should look to make the holiday meal a gift to the family,” suggested Nancy Jo Seaton, president, Seaton Food Consultants. “Smaller turkeys, or just a breast, pre-made ovenable con- tainers of classic (and upscaled) sides all suited for four to six persons will be a relief to the home cook, whom after months of meal planning, shopping, and prep could really use a break.” 

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